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Our Staff

Headshot Diane Bernhardt Executive Director

Diane Bernhardt

Executive Director

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Diane's commitment to improving lives through vision care is fueled by personal experience. As the parent of a visually impaired son, Diane gained a unique perspective on the challenges faced by those with visual impairments. Leaving her software engineering career, she embarked on a two-part journey. Leveraging a tech background, Diane developed innovative solutions to support her son's academic journey. Later, she discovered an opportunity to lead a local nonprofit providing vision care to underserved individuals. Despite lacking nonprofit experience, she knew it was the perfect fit. Grateful for the chance to merge expertise with her passion, Diane is dedicated to making Hope Alliance a beacon of hope for individuals and families struggling with visual impairments. Together, they strive for a world where everyone can see clearly.

Headshot Arlene Reinecke Clinic Director

Arlene Reinecke

Program Director

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With decades of experience in the fields of ophthalmology and optometry, Arlene brings a wealth of expertise to her role and a lifelong dedication to making a difference in the lives of others. She has a diverse skill set in ophthalmology, optometry, and medical laser services.  Her work in ophthalmology includes both general and surgical, specializing in pediatric ophthalmology. She co-founded Lasermedics, a medical services company providing laser services to eye care providers. Her comprehensive understanding of ocular diseases and refractive conditions has allowed her to provide exceptional care. Arlene's lifelong commitment to improving the lives of others is illustrated by her tireless effort in establishing and leading eye care clinics and vision screenings in Utah and internationally.  She collaborates with local healthcare providers, organizations, and volunteers to foster sustainable solutions and empower communities to continue providing essential eye care services and paving the way for a brighter future.

Headshot Lisa Mosher International Coordinator


International Coordinator

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Headshot Matthew Bernhardt Equipment Coordinator

Matthew Bernhardt

Equipment Coordinator

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Headshot Rachel Stenta Moab Clinic Coordinator

rachel stenta

Moab Clinic Coordinator

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