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Collage of Hope alliance volunteers and the people and communities they have helped



Your online donation helps

The Hope Alliance expand and advance our programs both internationally and locally. 


Our volunteers walk away from each experience with a deeper respect for economic poverty and more compassion. We transform our volunteers into global citizens.


Gift-in-kind donations allow many of our projects to succeed. We are always accepting non-prescription sunglasses, standard size suitcases, and prescription eyeglasses. 

Two Hope Alliance Volunteers and a kid smiling

We Need Your Help!

No Skills Needed - Training Available

Hands-On Volunteer Opportunities:


  • Vision Screening Station Operator

  • Vision Clinic Station Operator

  • Optical Room Organizer

  • Office Administrative Assistance

  • International Expedition Participant

  • We also invite eye doctors to serve with us at our Utah clinics or overseas

Why Volunteer with Us

Our volunteers, both locally and internationally, provide hours of priceless work that turns impoverished communities into thriving ones! Our expeditions are designed to connect volunteers to the community and create positive change, but we can't do it alone. Preparation for each expedition requires organization and supplies in our office, special events help fund and expand our programs, and our local clinics provide services to Native American tribes, refugees, and uninsured folks. Join us in our fight against poverty in a program that fits your schedule!


Volunteers who participate in implementing our programs find satisfaction and fulfillment through helping others. They develop an expansion of their own world-view, resulting in a deepened understanding of, and compassion for, the experiences and lives of diverse and less fortunate populations.   

Group of Hope Alliance Volunteers and the community they serve in Guatemala
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