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Meet Justus Tusiimegye: When Perseverance Meets Passion

Justus Tusiimegye was born and raised by both his mother and father, as the eldest of eight children (3 boys and 5 girls) in the Rukungiri district of Uganda. The family lives together in a “semi-permanent” house (typically a mud house with walls covered in cement).

Justus’ parents had little education, with his father completing grade 4 and his mother never having had the opportunity to attend school.

Aside from small-scale farming, neither Justus’ mother or father held long term jobs. His parents’ lack of education and few job prospects made paying school fees a challenge and impacted the children's ability to attend school on a regular basis. Still Justus persevered and was able to earn a Certificate in Nursing from Uganda Nursing School, Bwindi. Upon completion of his nursing certificate Justus became an Enrolled Nurse Volunteer at Bwindi Community Hospital in the Internal Medicine Department, where he has been working since August 2021. 

Justus was familiar with the Hope Alliance and the group’s annual clinics in Bohoma and Bwindi Community Hospital and made an effort to become involved. In August 2023 Justus served as a valuable member of the Hope Alliance team. During this time Justus learned about visual acuity screening and appropriate dispensing of readers and distance glasses. Justus also served as a translator for members of his community, enabling them to communicate with doctors and other members of the Hope Alliance team in order to receive vision care services and the most appropriate glasses for their vision needs.

As a result of his experience with Hope Alliance, Justus has a deep desire to further his education and with the support of Hope Alliance and funding from Optometry Giving Sight has just recently begun his studies at Ruharo Mission Hospital, Eye Centre In Mbarara, Uganda.

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