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Celebrating a Remarkable Journey: Brett Armstrong Retires from Hope Alliance Board

Brett Armstrong, a recent graduate of the University of Utah School of Medicine has left an inspiring mark on Hope Alliance and the underserved communities we serve.

Today, we bid farewell to Brett Armstrong as he retires from the Hope Alliance Board, but his legacy of commitment to global health will continue to inspire us.

Brett's journey with Hope Alliance included two transformative expeditions to Guatemala and one to Uganda. These trips opened his eyes to the profound impact that vision care can have on underserved communities. Witnessing the joy and gratitude of individuals receiving the gift of clear vision was a life-changing experience for Brett. During his time on the ground internationally, Brett played an instrumental role in organizing and facilitating vision care clinics.

Inspired by his experiences in Guatemala and fueled by a desire to make a difference, Brett decided to integrate the practice of global health into his future medical career. Brett's decision to focus on global health is a testament to the lasting impact that volunteering and serving others can have on an individual's path in life.

Brett Armstrong's retirement from the Hope Alliance Board is a new beginning. His dedication to global health and underserved communities will continue to drive positive change for years to come. We thank Brett for his unwavering commitment and look forward to witnessing the remarkable contributions he will make to the field of global health in the future.

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