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Breaking Ground in Uganda

Updated: Feb 29

At Hope Alliance, we are dedicated to improving vision care access in underserved communities, and we are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our mission! January 2024 marked the groundbreaking of the new vision clinic at Bwindi Community Hospital.

Uganda has one of the world's lowest ophthalmologists per capita ratios, 1:1.5 million. This much-needed clinic aims to address the severe shortage of vision care providers in the region, improving overall health and well-being. The vision care offered will include eye exams, treatment of eye conditions, prescription glasses, as well as eye surgery. Additionally, the clinic will provide educational opportunities to patients and staff regarding vision care, promoting the understanding of crucial health practices.

This groundbreaking initiative is a collaboration between Hope Alliance,  Bwindi Community Hospital, The Kellermann Foundation, Rotary clubs from around the world, and generous private donors. Optometric equipment and professional eye care training and education is being made possible thanks to funds from Optometry Giving Sight.

This new vision clinic represents a beacon of hope for the Bwindi community, promising to bring clearer vision and brighter smiles to those in need.

This project would not have been possible without the support of our generous donors and partners. Their unwavering commitment to our mission has enabled us to make a tangible impact on many lives.

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