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Hope Alliance Board welcomes new member Scott Van Hartesvelt

Hope Alliance is proud to welcome its newest board member, Scott Van Hartesvelt. Scott's remarkable journey as an entrepreneur and his unwavering commitment to community service make him a valuable addition to the board of Hope Alliance.

A Man of Vision

Scott and his wife, Monica, embarked on their Park City journey in 2002, swiftly putting down roots in the community. In the same year, Scott founded GCommerce, an industry-leading Hospitality Marketing Agency that has grown to represent iconic hotels and resorts across the nation, boasting a team of over 40 talented individuals.

Scott's entrepreneurial journey began at a tender age when he founded GCommerce at the age of 22. His belief in the power of principled marketing strategies in the digital age set the stage for the company's rapid growth.

A Heart for Community

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Scott's heart lies in serving the community. He has been an active member of the Park City community, serving as the Service Chair for Sunrise Rotary and receiving the prestigious "Above and Beyond" award in recognition of his contributions. His involvement as a founding member of the "Let's Talk" initiative on civil dialogue showcases his commitment to fostering healthy community conversations. Scott's dedication extends to initiatives such as the Park City Cares About Kids program, where he collaborates with the Early Childhood Alliance.

A Family-Centric Approach

Scott, alongside his wife Monica and their teenage daughter Laila, lives a life deeply ingrained in the Park City community. They savor the abundant leisure opportunities this resort community offers, embodying a commitment to family values and community wellbeing.

Hope Alliance is thrilled to welcome Scott Van Hartesvelt to its board of dedicated individuals. His visionary leadership, commitment to excellence, and deep ties to the community align perfectly with the organization's mission to provide vision care to underserved communities. Together, with Scott on board, Hope Alliance looks forward to expanding its reach and making a meaningful difference in the lives of those who need it most.

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