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The Hope Alliance Medical Program is organized based on the resources that are available during the expedition including the manpower involved. Medical professionals are recruited and based on their expertise a project is formed. This program is designed to help the physical and mental needs of each patient, but also to educate the patients and healthcare professionals in each of the areas served. 


Medical Program

The teams work alongside local, in-country professionals as a way to strengthen the work that is already being done. This creates a short-term learning experience and long-term output.


Medical equipment, supplies, and medicine are either brought with the team or purchased in-country and distributed as necessary. It is important to use products that are familiar to the patients and medical professionals within each country for comfort and accessibility. 


Often times, the barrier that holds people back from success is a lack of resources. The Hope Alliance teams try to eliminate this by providing assistance at a level that creates a template for attainment. Medical professionals gain access to new resources and are able to further their practice and commitment to their community. 

Having access to resources, feeling knowledgeable about your health, and free of pain enable people to live healthier happier lives. This is a goal of The Hope Alliance.


Our volunteers come from all age groups, professional backgrounds and walks of life to join these efforts. Check out our upcoming medical expeditions to see how you can get involved.

If you would like to submit a project proposal please contact us at

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