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Hope Alliance continually entertains requests for project proposals. Our projects are determined and initiated by groups and leaders interested in providing help to certain areas around the world, however, we are culturally aware and base our projects on needs assessments done within the community to determine the viability and sustainability of all proposals. These projects fuel independent improvement in the country rather than a dependency on the support of the visiting country. ​


Basic Needs Program

Hope Alliance- Haiti is an extension of our vision and mission solely focused in Haiti. Haiti has been devastated by many natural disasters that left the country in extreme poverty. Our HA-Haiti Director, Kym Meehan, has been working on the ground for over 20 years to build sustainable projects, schools, and micro-businesses that empower Haitians to provide for their families and communities and to rebuild their county as they desire. Our in-country Program Manager, Remedor "Robinson" Fritzner, has dedicated his life to helping his people and thanks to generous donors and foundations, Kym and Robinson have spear-headed many life-changing projects. Here are some that we are working on today:


Robinson Day of Hope:

Founded in 2015, this project unites children living on the streets of Port-AU-Prince and gives them a hot meal, skills they need to survive in the streets and make a positive impact on their community. This group meets once a month in an orphanage in PAP (Port- AU- Prince). THA staff teaches them a basic skills for living on the street and surviving the poverty they live in. Once a week staff meets to mentor each participant "where they are" and shares skills, hope, and love...

Sewing School Academy:

Two schools have been founded to provide a "hand-up" opportunity and teach sewing skills to increase the employment rate in Haiti. Each month more women are being added to the school. Recent donations have purchased 3 more sewing machines and materials to build a cutting table at our school near Fond Naboth. 


Haiti Scholarship: 

The Haiti Scholarship sponsors children in all age groups to go to school. 4 out of 5 primary schools in Haiti are private and all education above primary pay and almost impossible for parents to send their kids to school. Without access to education, many kids remain stuck in the endless cycle of poverty and are unable to better their lives through education. The Haiti Scholarship allows donors to build relationships with families overseas and provide an opportunity for each child to have a better quality of life. 


For more information about our HA-Haiti project, contact our Director Kym Meehan at 

  • Water sanitation and filtration systems

  • Vocation and sewing schools

  • Biogas digesters (food preparation)

  • Community chicken coops

  • Fish farms

  • Greenhouses

  • Micro-credit and micro-franchise

  • Construction of libraries and playgrounds

  • Haiti orphanage support

  • Building latrines 

  • Building houses and roof repair


Since the beginning of operation in 1999, we have accomplished many valuable projects. These projects have helped thousands of people in developing countries break the devastation cycle of poverty. We build these projects under the direction of the local Health Ministries and government agencies to ensure they have a lasting value on the communities they serve. 

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