Vision Program


Since 2001, The Hope Alliance has served communities around Guatemala and Peru by providing vision screenings and eyeglasses. In spring of 2016, we expanded our Vision Program to Haiti. 


The Hope Alliance Vision Program uses recycled and new eyeglasses to help those in need experience corrected vision. This program is also designed to educate patients about the prevention of eye disease caused by exposure from the sun, known as Pterygium.

The Hope Alliance collaborates with organizations, churches, clubs, doctors and schools to collect used eyeglasses in the U.S. Our teams of volunteers then process the glasses by cleaning, sorting, labeling and cataloging them so they may be distributed during the vision clinics.


Our vision program enables many people to see clearly for the first time. This means that a child will be able to succeed in school; a mother will be able to read to her children; a father will be able to find a job and support his family and a senior will be able to live an independent lifestyle.

Recycling eyeglasses also helps the environment - every year thousands of discarded eyeglasses pollute our environment and take up valuable landfill space.


If you are interested in volunteering for our vision program or joining a humanitarian expedition, contact The Hope Alliance at