Mother's Day


Mother's Day  l  May 8th, 2016

The Hope Alliance has traveled around the world from Vanuatu, Kenya, Guatemala, to Haiti. Everywhere we go, we meet incredible people, but today we celebrate the women that raised us and have touched our lives. 

Mother's Day is a reminder for us to reflect on the influential women in our lives and thank them for the valuable lessons they have taught us. According to the World Health Organization, "more than 135 million women give birth per year" (WHO). Around the globe mothers are birthing and raising kids with different customs and cultures.

There is always an overwhelming response from our volunteers when they meet mothers in other countries: they are strong and united. We have heard stories of mothers doing everything they can to provide the best opportunities for their children. Global issues like poverty, food scarcity, lack of medical care, and lack of education have effected mothers everywhere. However, their protective yet uplifting nature has changed the way we look at these issues. Many of the mothers we have met express their desire to overcome any obstacle for their child to have the best opportunity and sometimes they do.

The Hope Alliance wants to thank every mother for their unconditional love, kindness, and motivation they have given their children. Today is a day to celebrate them and show how grateful we are for their support because without them the world would not be the same. 

We ❤ Moms

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