Pterygium Awareness Project


During the June 2012 Peru Vision Trip led by Richard and JoAnn Criddle, the Lions Clubs from Northern Utah partnered with Lions Clubs in Peru and The Hope Alliance to conduct a pilot Pterygium Awareness and Prevention Program in conjunction with our ongoing free vision and eyeglass clinics in 15 different Peruvian cities and an Eye Health Fair in Piura.

Pterygium is a degenerative, noncancerous growth of the conjunctiva and is observed on the surface of the eye. It is the most frequent and preventable cause of vision impairment in equatorial regions around the world and more than 15 million individuals in Peru have pterygium.

Prevention is the only current answer to help maintain the vision of tens of millions of people. The message is simple and inexpensive: “Save your sight, block UV light. Take care of your eyes and they will take care of you”. Wear hats and UV blocking glasses to protect your eyes.