Happy Thanksgiving from Haiti

In the spirit of Thanksgiving in a time of love, thanks, and humbleness we have been sent a reminder of just how thankful we are. Kym Meehan's most recent trip to Haiti has brought us a story of warmth and true thanksgiving. This is a story of a man named Jackson.  He is a father, a husband, and has graciously worked with The Hope Alliance (THA) during our expeditions. He contributes his time with little compensation and out of the kindness in his heart .

After discussing his options for work with Kym she decided to introduce him to the Backhoe School, which The Hope Alliance sponsors for Haitians to receive adult vocational courses. He expressed to Kym his dream of attending school. He gathered all the information he needed to be accepted: time commitment, money for tuition, length of school, and placement after graduation. Often times acknowledging all aspects it takes to receive an education is not appreciated. Kym describes this lack of acknowledgement as, "This is all stuff we take for granted because we as Americans have resources and opportunities to make our dreams happen as a process. But for the poor in Haiti, the process can never happen because the road is too difficult and expensive and dreams cease to even be dreamed about". 

Jackson put his best foot forward, mapped out his road, and with THA support, he was enrolled in the Backhoe School. 6 months later, he is standing next to his fellow graduates full with pride and hope. After the ceremony, Kym spoke with Jackson about his feelings. He responded with tears in his eyes, "they (my family) have never seen their father/husband succeed." In the spotlight of success, Jackson and his family now have hope for a brighter future and a better chance of making it out of poverty. 

The Hope Alliance is so proud to sponsor the Backhoe School. During this time when we are giving thanks to the opportunities and supporters that surround us, we are truly humbled to hear stories like Jackson's. For this opportunity of education to be present in parts of the world like Haiti we are thankful to provide a hand up . Congratulations Backhoe class of 2015! We are so extremely proud of you and we hope your road of success is more paved than before!

Happy Thanksgiving!