May Promise South Salt Lake Vision Clinic

May 14, 2016 

South Salt Lake City, Utah

Partnered with Promise South Salt Lake, The Hope Alliance volunteers served 74 people from over 10 different countries at the vision clinic located at PAL in South Salt Lake. In total, there were 20 THA volunteers, many of whom were new and excited to serve Salt Lake's local refugee populations. Overall, the clinic ran very smoothly as we had a steady flow of people throughout the day and we were happy with the amount of patients served. 

The Hope Alliance volunteers were impressed with the numerous countries the refugees traveled from and overall felt like more connected to the community after serving at this clinic. We are excited to continue our vision clinics with Promise South Salt Lake. 

Mother's Day


Mother's Day  l  May 8th, 2016

The Hope Alliance has traveled around the world from Vanuatu, Kenya, Guatemala, to Haiti. Everywhere we go, we meet incredible people, but today we celebrate the women that raised us and have touched our lives. 

Mother's Day is a reminder for us to reflect on the influential women in our lives and thank them for the valuable lessons they have taught us. According to the World Health Organization, "more than 135 million women give birth per year" (WHO). Around the globe mothers are birthing and raising kids with different customs and cultures.

There is always an overwhelming response from our volunteers when they meet mothers in other countries: they are strong and united. We have heard stories of mothers doing everything they can to provide the best opportunities for their children. Global issues like poverty, food scarcity, lack of medical care, and lack of education have effected mothers everywhere. However, their protective yet uplifting nature has changed the way we look at these issues. Many of the mothers we have met express their desire to overcome any obstacle for their child to have the best opportunity and sometimes they do.

The Hope Alliance wants to thank every mother for their unconditional love, kindness, and motivation they have given their children. Today is a day to celebrate them and show how grateful we are for their support because without them the world would not be the same. 

We ❤ Moms

Hope Alliance has directly helped more than 200,000 people with help from more than 3,500 volunteers!

Happy Thanksgiving from Haiti

In the spirit of Thanksgiving in a time of love, thanks, and humbleness we have been sent a reminder of just how thankful we are. Kym Meehan's most recent trip to Haiti has brought us a story of warmth and true thanksgiving. This is a story of a man named Jackson.  He is a father, a husband, and has graciously worked with The Hope Alliance (THA) during our expeditions. He contributes his time with little compensation and out of the kindness in his heart .

After discussing his options for work with Kym she decided to introduce him to the Backhoe School, which The Hope Alliance sponsors for Haitians to receive adult vocational courses. He expressed to Kym his dream of attending school. He gathered all the information he needed to be accepted: time commitment, money for tuition, length of school, and placement after graduation. Often times acknowledging all aspects it takes to receive an education is not appreciated. Kym describes this lack of acknowledgement as, "This is all stuff we take for granted because we as Americans have resources and opportunities to make our dreams happen as a process. But for the poor in Haiti, the process can never happen because the road is too difficult and expensive and dreams cease to even be dreamed about". 

Jackson put his best foot forward, mapped out his road, and with THA support, he was enrolled in the Backhoe School. 6 months later, he is standing next to his fellow graduates full with pride and hope. After the ceremony, Kym spoke with Jackson about his feelings. He responded with tears in his eyes, "they (my family) have never seen their father/husband succeed." In the spotlight of success, Jackson and his family now have hope for a brighter future and a better chance of making it out of poverty. 

The Hope Alliance is so proud to sponsor the Backhoe School. During this time when we are giving thanks to the opportunities and supporters that surround us, we are truly humbled to hear stories like Jackson's. For this opportunity of education to be present in parts of the world like Haiti we are thankful to provide a hand up . Congratulations Backhoe class of 2015! We are so extremely proud of you and we hope your road of success is more paved than before!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Pterygium Awareness Project


During the June 2012 Peru Vision Trip led by Richard and JoAnn Criddle, the Lions Clubs from Northern Utah partnered with Lions Clubs in Peru and The Hope Alliance to conduct a pilot Pterygium Awareness and Prevention Program in conjunction with our ongoing free vision and eyeglass clinics in 15 different Peruvian cities and an Eye Health Fair in Piura.

Pterygium is a degenerative, noncancerous growth of the conjunctiva and is observed on the surface of the eye. It is the most frequent and preventable cause of vision impairment in equatorial regions around the world and more than 15 million individuals in Peru have pterygium.

Prevention is the only current answer to help maintain the vision of tens of millions of people. The message is simple and inexpensive: “Save your sight, block UV light. Take care of your eyes and they will take care of you”. Wear hats and UV blocking glasses to protect your eyes.

Team Guatemala in the Chimaltenango, Guatemala Newspaper!

We couldn't be more proud to receive this newspaper article today! Thank you everyone that put hard work into changing the lives of these Guatemalans. Last week our volunteer team saw 2,440 patients. Their lives are forever changed for the better and we, The Hope Alliance, thank you!

More Haiti

Just in case you didn't catch this wonderful article last week, we want you to see how wonderful Kym Meehan is, and to recognize her incredible work in Haiti...