Our biggest campaign in India and Nepal has been the fight against Polio.

The World Health Organization states, there has not been a polio case in India since January 2011. "Three years of being polio free is a notable milestone for the country as a whole...This does not mean that the virus cannot reemerge within the country. There is no room for complacency with ongoing polio vaccination work." -SEARO2015

This year, The Hope Alliance partnered with the Salt Lake City Rotary Club to eradicate polio in Nepal. During the February-March 2016 expedition, trip participants passed out fliers to parents educating and encouraging them to have their children immunized. The group visited three Rotary International Global Grant project sites to: build toilets for female students in Agra, India, participate in a project to improve nutrition of children in Chandigarh, India, and to deliver education, technology and other equipment to a school rebuilding project in Kathmandu, Nepal.

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