The Hope Alliance has traveled to all corners of the world over the past 16 years. Its goal has always been to impact numerous under-served individuals in the best manner possible while simultaneously inspiring a sense of philanthropy and service through our trip participants and volunteers.

"I would give anything for the people of Haiti to have what I have. I will always think of Haiti. ALWAYS. [This country] has given me so much more than I could ever offer them. I know with complete certainty that what I want to do in my life is serve people."    -Claire Whitney, Haiti Park City High School Trip Participant 2014

Current and past destinations include:  Guatemala, Peru, Haiti, India, Nepal, Mexico, Paraguay, Kenya, Ethiopia, Vanuatu and more. Projects span the spectrum of vision, medical, and dental programs, basic needs programs which include clean water projects, bio-gas digestors, fish farming, and clinic construction, and education programs involving maturation, pre-natal and midwifery, and basic health and vision care.

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