Father's Day  l  June 19th, 2016

Happy Father's Day to all the dads across the globe! The Hope Alliance cares deeply about the connection between children and their parents. One of volunteer dads, Karl Vizmeg, is taking his son with him on the Puente Piedra, Peru Medical Expedition. Together they will be providing medical services to hundreds of people in the Puente Piedra/Acon area of Peru. Karl shared his motivation for bringing his son with him on this trip. 

"Long ago, before I had my sons, on prior medical mission trips, I had seen volunteers' lives transformed by the experiences they had during their service. I then vowed to provide this opportunity to my children one day. This year The Hope Alliance is helping me complete that vow. I will be taking my oldest son, Jonny (15) on a medical mission trip to Peru. There I hope he will see the need in the world and learn compassion and giving. But more importantly I hope he will see that no matter the conditions: that people can be loving and happy, and that you don't have to have "things" to make that happen. And for myself, I expect to have the best reward of all: seeing my son grow and being part of those memories with him." 

The Hope Alliance appreciates the hard work that fathers around the world are doing to provide their families with life-changing opportunities. 

Happy Father's Day