Since the beginning, The Hope Alliance has participated in various humanitarian dental missions in impoverished areas of the world - providing critical dental care to people who cannot afford to go to the dentist. In many developing countries, oral health services are only offered in central hospitals in the urban areas of the country. This means that many small villages have little to no access to any dentists or dental care. 


During the clinics, our teams perform different types of procedures such as fillings and teeth cleanings and emergency extractions for infected, broken and painful teeth. All of our work is dependent upon available resources, so, our volunteers also focus on providing methods of prevention and oral health care education to all villagers in the area.

Normally, our dental volunteers bring their own supplies and instruments. Depending on the location, the teams may also be able to bring portable ADEC machines, air compressors and other equipment necessary for the setup of the dental clinics. Our volunteer teams usually work from morning until sunset, sometimes seeing hundreds of patients a day. The work is dependent upon the size of the team, the available resources and the communities’ needs. Prevention and education are also always one of our top priorities.


The Hope Alliance is constantly assessing the long-term value that our projects bring to every community we serve. For that reason, we believe it is critical to seek partnerships with in-country dentists and health professionals who can work side by side with our volunteers. We also cooperate with local agencies and health ministries to ensure our resources are being used where they are most needed.


If you are interested in volunteering for our dental program or joining a humanitarian expedition, contact The Hope Alliance at