basic needs


The Hope Alliance continually entertains requests for projects in areas outside of our current work. Our projects are determined and initiated by groups and leaders within each country, so, we work with local leaders on needs assessments to determine the viability and sustainability of all proposals. Local partners are identified to ensure supportive, cooperative and beneficial project results. These projects fuel independent improvement in the country rather than a dependency on the support of the visiting country. 

  • Sanitation and Filtration systems
  • Vocation and Sewing schools
  • Bio-Gas Digesters
  • Midwifery training and clean birth
  • Agriculture: Chicken coops, Fish Farms, Greenhouses
  • Medical and Surgical outreach
  • Wheelchairs and Orthopedic equipment
  • Micro-credit and Micro-franchise
  • Containers of food and medical equipment
  • Water projects
  • Health education and mobile medical clinics
  • Nutrition
  • Latrines
  • Libraries, Playgrounds and Orphanages
  • Cooking stoves

Since the beginning of operation in 1999, The Hope Alliance has accomplished many valuable projects, listed above. These programs have helped thousands of people in developing countries break the devastating cycle of poverty. Because we cooperate with and under the direction of the local Health Ministries and Agencies these programs have held lasting value to the communities they've served.


Our volunteers come from all age groups, professional backgrounds and walks of life to join in these efforts. 

If you are interested in volunteering for any of our programs or in joining a humanitarian expedition, contact The Hope Alliance at