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Team Guatemala Returns

A group of 26 volunteers just returned from Chimaltenango, Guatemala with huge smiles on their faces. In 5 days, the team, with the help of the Chimaltenango Lions Club, served prescription glasses to 2,440 people in great need. This is the second time The Hope Alliance has served in Chimaltenango and definitely not the last! Thank you so much to everyone who made this trip so successful. Your efforts and generosity will continue to help people in critical need.

Updates from Haiti - July 2015

"They don't need us anymore. I love this kinda effort- work hard, raise money, pray my guts out, turn it over to 'them' and BOOM, I am out of a job!"

-Kym Meehan, Director of THA-Haiti

After spending almost 2 weeks in Haiti, Kym Meehan arrives home with lots of great updates:

  • Hosting 3 soccer camps for street kids through established leaders at Fonnaboth, Coq Chante and Caanan. All supplies left with host school to continue soccer play.
  • Organized a kid’s camp which begins on Monday [July 27, 2015]. Met with teachers and cooks. They got this down, they just needed the money and [our in-country partner] will lead the week long summer camp.
  • Participated in the celebration of Tiapon school completion. THA funded much of the construction material and all labor was community sweat labor
  • Visited all 7 homes THA funded to be re-roofed over the past 4 months. 5 homes selected by Fonnaboth School, 3 by Camatin headmaster. All recipients are widows and so very proud! Two homes still need water colleciton systems and these have been organized and money left behind to complete.
  • Met with mirco businesses; Rah Rah band and Ronald's art school (Tin Men Association of HOPE) in PAP where we also started a 54 kid program for 9 months in Cite de Soliel. Micro. in Camatin of Jewelry Ladies will begin 4 women as "trainers" - they will leave 4 new skills and share with the others. THA-Haiti funded the school classes and left $200 for purchase of materials.
  • Sewing School at Camatin (Called "The Hope Academy") will begin 9th class in September. Over 54 graduates. They don't need us anymore. I love this kinda effort- work hard, raise money, pray my guts out, turn it over to "them" and BOOM, I am out of a job!
  • Hoping to duplicate Camatin Sewing School at Fonnaboth. Money required but the model works and I would love to play it forward! Anybody want to buy a machine @ $220?
  • Picked up Team on Monday, July 13 where we drove to Gran Goive to move along the partnership of land purchases for Athletic and Sports Center. 
  • Worked for 3 days at Coq Chante School and helped team build 15 benches and a table.
  • Took off with [our in-country partner] and walked to all 8 sponsorship homes or family of record (Camatin Kids) to continue relationships. Returned to 4 with food. I hate intense poverty and injustice to children
  • Took an afternoon off and went to a waterfall for a swim. Secret spot I'll take anyone who comes to Haiti with me - more like Hawaii than Haiti!
  • Visited 2 more orphanages we have worked in and play with the kids, listened to their needs and left broken hearted.
  • Started to put together logistics for future THA Haiti Vision Clinic.

For more information, check out Kym's interview with the Park Record.

If you are interested in getting involved with THA-Haiti or any other programs at The Hope Alliance, please call us at (435)333-3334 or by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Golf 4 Hope Tournament 2015

Golf4Hope 2015 was a huge success despite of the rain. The Hope Alliance would like to say THANK YOU to all of our players, sponsors, donors, board members, staff, volunteers and everyone else who made this Golf4Hope a fun event.

Your generous donations go toward helping those in critical need across the globe. In addition, The Hope Alliance will be able to maintain the machines used in the clinics.

For more information or if you are interested in volunteering or going on a humanitarian expedition with The Hope Alliance, contact our office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (435) 333-3334

TEAM PLAYERS, please click HERE to download your photos from the event!


The Hope Alliance partners with People's Health Clinic

The Hope Alliance (THA) partners with People's Health Clinic in Park City, Utah to provide basic eye exams and prescription eyeglasses to the uninsured adults of Summit County. Believe it or not, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of local residents with health-related problems negatively affecting the eyes and who are unable to access eye care that could save their vision. With this incredible collaboration between The Hope Alliance and People's Health, a huge need within our own community was met with the generous grant from the Park City Sunrise Rotary. This grant enables The Hope Alliance to purchase prescription eyeglasses for 40-50 people who are unable to afford them otherwise. With this capability, the visual acuity of numerous local residents will be improved, thus improving their lives.

The Hope Alliance hosted their second vision clinic at People's Health Clinic in Park City, Utah on Wednesday, May 20. They were able to serve 12 Summit County residents who, without the support of THA and the People's Health Clinic, do not have access to prescription glasses or eye care.

Thank you to everyone who made this clinic possible and we look forward to many more local vision clinics. If you are interested in volunteering with The Hope Alliance locally or internationally, please email us at

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